Safer driving
Powered by vehicle sensor data and the cloud

When drivers and cars receive real-time updates on accidents, broken-down vehicles, adverse weather conditions and traffic, they can make life-saving decisions and avoid dangerous situations.

To enable a more automated driving environment, your vehicles need the ability to share and access road conditions in real-time.

That’s why HERE is teaming up with car manufacturers across the globe to collect real-time vehicle sensor data and transform it into safety-critical information.

HERE currently receives live sensor data from more than

1 million cars

and that number will exponentially rise over time.

Here Safety Services

Insights based on sensor data pave the way to safer roads.

And enrich the advanced safety services already available today.

Real-time hazard alerts for safer driving decisions

How can we help road users avoid accidents?
By extending their vision beyond the horizon.

Individual cars and human drivers can only see a few hundred metres ahead on the road.

With HERE Hazard Warnings, you can offer targeted real-time alerts to drivers traveling towards areas with road hazards, so they can prepare for what lies further ahead, around the corner or in front of the truck they’re following.

Vehicle sensor data is automatically pooled from multiple cars on the road to create instant warnings about slippery roads, broken-down vehicles, accidents and reduced visibility.

With HERE Hazard Warnings, drivers and in-vehicle systems can proactively prepare for hazards and avoid accidents. And the more sensor data available, the more accurate the services become.

When automakers open up and start sharing their vehicle sensor data, it’s possible to achieve critical mass and enable real time reliable hazard warnings.

Visit the HERE Hazard Warnings product page here.

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HERE Safety Services


Once vehicle sensors are triggered by hazards like poor weather conditions, slippage, or a breakdown, the car processes and sends hazard details to the cloud, allowing HERE to create a dynamic representation of the road network.

Relevant Alert

Once the event is analyzed, verified with data from other sources, and accurately matched to the map, an alert is sent out to vehicles that could be impacted in real-time.

Effective Delivery

Hazard information is delivered through infotainment systems or a vehicle’s connected advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) at a low latency – with a target of less than 20 seconds to intake the data, process it and publish an output.

Embedded road sign data for responsible driving

How can we reduce accidental speeding?
By integrating road sign information directly into the car.

HERE Road Signs uses crowdsourced sensor data to provide your vehicles with up-to-date traffic signage information captured from the surrounding environment.

With instant and contextual access to speed limit information, road users are better equipped to drive responsibly and safely.

The service helps in-vehicle maps stay up-to-date about changes to road signs and local regulations. The speed limit attribution gets updated on a daily basis which significantly increases confidence in the accuracy of the map content. With this service on-board, car manufacturers can even achieve a higher Euro NCAP score.

Visit the HERE Road Signs product page here.

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HERE Safety Services

1. Instant Detection

When a vehicle’s front camera detects a road sign, it shares the value of the sign with the cloud, where it is analyzed and compared to the road sign value in the map.

2. Reliable validation

In the case of a mismatch, the change must be validated by a predefined number of cars, before a new layer with up-to-date speed limit attribution is published to the map.

3. Fresh updates

Starting with static speed limit attribution and daily updates, the service plans to include dynamic speed limits with real-time updates.

4. Processed sign types

In order to keep speed limit attribution up-to-date, the HERE Cloud analyses car readings of different sign types, such as Speed Limit Start and End, City Limit Start and End, Motorway Start and End, and many more.

Why HERE Safety Services?


HERE Safety Services are based on data automatically generated by vehicle sensors under certain conditions, verified with data from additional sources and continuously updated, which ensures high granularity and high reliability both for infotainment and ADAS use cases.


HERE is a neutral, third-party aggregator of sensor data from multiple car manufacturers across the globe. The quantity of data needed to scale these services is not possible to achieve by one car manufacturer working alone. More data means better coverage, deeper coverage and fresh updates.

New business models

HERE offers appealing revenue sharing models to car companies contributing their sensor data to build the services, enabling new business models and revenue streams.

HERE Safety Services

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